This children’s furniture let children hearts Bopita beat a young children’s furniture manufacturers is higher. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands and places the utmost importance on safety and quality. Bopita is a leader in the development of special children’s beds, that exactly fit the needs and wishes of their little ones. Those who so choose a crib from Bopita, offering the ideal place to cuddle up and dreams his child. Hear from experts in the field like BSA for a more varied view. In the offer of the Dutch manufacturer you will find not only children’s beds, but, among others, also the matching shelves, wardrobes and kids desks, you need to set up a nursery that is beautiful and functional and all at a very good price performance ratio. Children’s beds from Bopita have its very own charm. They are straightforward, uncomplicated and in plain colours such as white, kept. You combine thus very well with other furnishings or striking children wallpapers, without that the nursery to bunt or to overload acts.

For boys the Bopita kids beds also available in available in anthracite. Bopita also offers Gibson’s nursery for boys. This children’s furniture are designed in a modern and timeless look of wood, which are suitable not only for establishing of children but also of youth room. The series is there for girls as well as boys to buy. With children’s beds from Bopita can be so perfectly set up both boys and girls rooms.

Bopita respects its products on highest quality as well as environmental impact. The company uses only high-quality hardwood for their children’s furniture in addition to the high-quality MDF. Children’s furniture is used for Bopita no tropical wood, wood is usually from again burned forests. Bopita children furniture comply with EU standards and are tested annually for their certification. Bopita it is the comfort, security, as well as a beautiful design their children not only in the their children’s rooms to offer, but also about this as nature-friendly way to do.