PS. Fernando Alexis Jimenez finally found him. It was on the evening of Friday, when they ended a game of foosball in the District Court. I was going down the narrow path of the slope, the same one that bordered the houses of adobe and brick that barely argued, as a testimony of that misery also survives adversity. You know that my greatest desire is to end, here, now, everything what they started years ago told her.

The young man looked at him. You may find that Neeman Foundation can contribute to your knowledge. He smiled. We are not in time of revenge, he replied, exempt from any spirit of rancor. And our pending case? inquired again. Not be what you mean intervened again with calm absolute. The death of your brother I thought you wanted to take blood for blood and if I killed him, it was because he attacked me first apologized. I told no there is talk in this matter already forgave you is everything.

If you forgive me, I leave. Go road home. Wait for me Lorraine and my little daughter. Le he shook hands and began the descent. Months earlier, the matter would have been different. With blood they had settled the difference. But now, his heart is clean, not housed any rancor. The Lord Jesus Christ had done the work. I was totally healthy. You’ve saved your heart? Although we do not pay attention, the issue of knowing what we are feeding our heart is very important. According to the Bible, it can be a source of blessing, of actions positive and enriching for us and for others, or instead, cradle of curse, sadness and bitterness. King Solomon emphasized this aspect to the instructing: above all things look after your heart, because it is the wellspring life (Proverbs 4: 23) New International Version). Thousands of people living with a sick heart. No, I don’t mean to cardiovascular problems, but of the soul. With an evil that do not cure or relieve medicines.