Hero Areas

Where, in violation of Federal Law “On Basic Guarantees of …” (article 68, claim 29), chairmen of election commissions refused to issue records without prior approval from the city Commission. In this situation, I personally have encountered (in the district 5,6), when I refused to provide a copy of the protocol due to the fact that there is no “pure forms”, in the areas number 33, 34, and others. Also in the district commissions. We had around District eaten in a very short time distribute blank forms of protocols, although the commission must issue them. But even if we were given and the minutes, they were often filled with disabilities, they had no signature or seal. (A valuable related resource: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine). This proven practices, when papers issued violations. Boy Scouts of America is full of insight into the issues. After that, it is not possible to prove the falsification of voting results.

Masses of removal was recorded on the representatives of the Communist Party of sites electoral activities. This violation was noted in such areas as 54, 11, 79, and on many others, including in my constituency, where Ivnev NP removed from the site number 30. It was noted the use of technology, “Carousel.” Point “Carousel” is to transfer the voter at the entrance to the polling station has completed the ballot, that voter must drop into the ballot box, and a new, clean sheet and make exchange from the organizer of “carousel” on the money. And certainly not without bribing voters as the election day and before. Actively engaged in this “ER,” which gave out free pies, repaired roads, etc. During election campaign, the Communists were persecuted enough.

Starting with the fact that the arrested circulation, was destroyed by agitation, etc. I also suffered from this. EP representative filed a complaint on me. For the fact that the output Data Set leaflets was not legal, but the actual address of the printer. Although my fault there. The Commission decided to ban the spread. Was drawn up the act of administrative violation and the case will be referred to the court. According to its constituency, I took second place after the “United Russia” Hero of Russia Yuri Buchnev, while I walked around the business community and members of other parties. Rate my support in the areas ranged from 40% to 12% of the area where the vote students under the supervision of the curators. And is this election? Is Tambovchane deserve to be used as cattle, buying votes with empty promises and deceiving fake leaflets? This election campaign is once again demonstrated that free and fair elections there, and place in Dumas are already divided. But we should not have to fight despair. And most importantly remember that beat the system, playing by its rules is impossible. We must go beyond that with each passing day narrowed. We have to fight with what was happening, according to new rules that dictate we will.