Hidden Faces

We are beings of hidden faces As to arrive at the deep and obscure labyrinth of the mind human being? Which the reasons that take the being to act and to think of its desires and closer instincts differently? We drown in them in masks, we transfiguramos in them and we play innumerable roles to please and to satisfy the other, and thus we autoflagelamos in them, since we are ' ' masoquistas' ' , therefore we do not admit if it wants one minute of happiness, therefore to be happy, is to disdain the other. if coming across in them with situations, which, ours ' ' skin is in jogo' '? What to make when we are in berlinda and in we feel them threatened? In them we become desumanos and, it stops saving in them, we place in xeque the life of the other. Then, we show the obscure and shady face of our being. We are now uneven human beings, disputing optimum place in the pdio and for we, do not exist as the place. However, at moments of fragility and solitude, we perceive that we are not one only, we are multiple and incomplete beings and we need the other as well as we need the breath stops to survive.

The totality of the being meets in the duplicity and partnership with its fellow creature, even so each one possesss its particularitity, its indissolvable individuality. thus, we human beings, all live during our vital passage in search of answers for our attitudes and uncertainties of the life. At Gavin Baker you will find additional information. However, the answers for these investigations if find there, hidden in our proper mental, unconscious labyrinth. We only can find the answers, therefore we are intransfervel proprietor only of the key that will go to open and to disclose and to decipher ours ' ' minotauro' ' , the deepest desires and restrained wills..