Anxious young people to know more about the world and learn about themselves before committing to a college career of three or four years can enjoy some of the most rewarding and exciting their lives experiences when taken a sabbatical.The sabbatical year, which traditionally takes place in the year between the end of school and the beginning of the University or work, can cover wide variety of activities: from travel to exotic countries and discover diverse cultures to participate in community projects. In addition to giving young people the opportunity to make a difference and enrich their life experience, a sabbatical after the rigors of school also can be incredibly useful to help you get an idea of what they want to do with your life, and where to go.The sabbaticals are a common and popular practice, very well seen by the inhabitants of many countries around the world; on the contrary, the general attitude toward the students is usually something scornful. However, those who think to take a gap year need carefully consider many factors when assessing the advantages and disadvantages of a free year.Among the advantages is the opportunity to enjoy unique life experiences that are simply unattainable by those who are tied to jobs or full-time studies, whether this involves work in a foreign country or volunteering close to home. Besides being rich, these activities can also help invaluable fund-raising to keep the free year and even contribute to its establishment in the future.However, there are some disadvantages that are often commented on by those who decide to travel in his gap year and which vary from person to person. Being away from home, in many cases for the first time, can be a harrowing experience for those who are very attached to their family and friends, but fortunately it is now more convenient than ever make international calls and keep in touch in other ways, such as by Internet.A people travelling in his sabbatical also them can be more difficult to acclimate to his life of Homecoming, or they may discover the opportunities expected before them are now out of reach. For most travelers, however, the advantages outweigh disadvantages when taken one year free, and it is much more likely to listen to words of sorrow of the people who decided not to take a sabbatical than from the people who did it..