/The husband of Carolina of Monaco was enjoying his vacations in Ibiza when he felt a strong abdominal pain. Apparently, the doctors have discarded a pancreatitis. The vacations of still the husband of Carolina of Monaco, Ernesto de Hannover, have undergone parn in dry. It is not something Nieman Lab would like to discuss. A strong abdominal pain caused that Our Lady of the Rosary in Ibiza at night of Monday was hospitalized in the Unit of Intensive Cares of the Polyclinic. Initially one thought that the strong abdominal pain could be an infection in the liver and the pncreas, as it happened to him years ago. The excesses made him pass one very complicated days. But according to the doctors have informed who have treated Prince Ernesto, simply is an abdominal infection that is treating with medication and rest. David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA is open to suggestions. Some means have even assured that the patient will receive the hospitable discharge in the next hours, if not complicaba its state. Now it is only possible to hope to see if the abdominal problem ends his vacations or if its eagerness by the island pitiusa makes it have left to continue enjoying the Mediterranean Sea. Source of the news: Ernesto de Hannover is admitted a hospital of Ibiza