Hubbard Scientology Volunteer

In recent months, helped over 51,000 people with the methods of L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Volunteer clergy as almost supernatural rains broke a dam on the border between India and Nepal, were more than 2 million people – due to the flood – homeless. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Neal Barnard. India’s voluntary Scientology clergy reacted immediately. They wended their way from Calcutta to Bihar on the remaining road. Along with India’s national disaster relief, they gave out malaria tablets, mosquito nets and emergency rations and helped destitute villagers. Honorary Scientology brought clerics to relieve help in the form of advisers emotional charges a total of approximately 10,000 people. When the Ukraine was struck by the worst flooding for 200 years, the Scientology Volunteer mobilized quickly clergy of the country. You trained more than 3000 people.

They helped them, including a previously disabled pensioner, that assistance for the first time was after a Scientology for years on their own legs. The Honorary Scientology a total of 450 hours, by they gave their support to rescue workers and residents helped local clergy. Clergy were also in L ‘ Aquilla in Italy active volunteer Scientology. There, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake destroyed the infrastructure of 26 places some time ago. 65,000 people lost their homes. The Italian team leader of Scientology clergy are all certified civil protection specialists. They have their own units and are working under the guidance of the national headquarters in Rome. To provide administrative and tactical support, for help warehouse and headquarters for disaster relief.

Take medical services and the distribution of emergency rations. You also worry about out-patient services. The honorary Scientology helped clergy even after floods and a concurrent volcanic eruption in Colombia. They manned the emergency shelters and offered advisers and seminars 1100 people. These are just a few of our aid efforts in disaster areas of in recent months. In the last Clergy with the methods of L. Ron Hubbard, about 51,000 people helped months volunteer Scientology. The clergy were on the road for a distance of 230,000 km and coordinated actions with hundreds of authorities of cities, States and countries. At the same time, virtual home courses over the Internet were offered in 160 countries.