In North Ossetia

Suddenly a storm arose and the ship was wrecked. Survived only a merchant and a scholar. He saw a merchant, the scholar sitting prigoryunivshis, and said to him – that you feel sad? That I had lost all his wealth, and your all to you. – So let us drink to the wealth that you can not lose "" Sage asked: – Why friends are so easily become enemies, and here is to turn enemies into friends is very difficult? – But in the same way and destroy the house is easier than to build, – replied the wise man – and the vessel to break easier than done, and squander the money is easier than to earn them. I propose a toast to the fact that we create, not destroy. "toast each accompanied by a show of glasses and sometimes even execution of national songs and dances. In North Ossetia, for example, the first toast toastmaster asked to raise a Big God for the Holy George – the patron saint of men, warriors and travelers. The second toast toastmaster will ask for the raise of the house, his health for his family, for peace and harmony in his home.

The third toast toastmaster asked to remember all those who do not have a festive table, the one who untimely passed away. The next toast can be toasted for his friends and friendship. Required toast for the children and grandchildren as a kind of followers, as well as customs and traditions of the family and his people. Then the sound toasts Homeland and their mothers. A special honor and respect to provide visitors the guests. While they would not get up from the table, nobody has the right to leave the feast.

And as a guest to drink insanity is a shame for the owner. And most importantly – that toastmaster himself in any case should not abuse alcohol! Caucasus – a place with ancient cultural traditions, including traditions and feasts, and the residents themselves Caucasian countries are very jealous of their conservation and execution. Now this tradition, with minor changes, moved into a feast of other nations, and the ancient rules for Caucasian Toastmasters will help greatly in our day. And if you want to successfully carry out your holiday make it memorable, or you hit the Caucasian feast – this guide is for you!