Industrial Property

Employees say – that they work in the real estate agency, knows about their friends, that is, there are new customers. Domain name registered on your trademark you no one will take. Click Center for Responsible Business to learn more. Twentieth April 2010 to begin the registration of domain names in Russia, first, the first week of the domain area of the Russian Federation will cost about 1 million rubles, then its price will drop to 5,000, you can not rush, no one without you register your domain name and quietly buy it after the recession for 5000 rubles. And your competitors will buy one million, otherwise, believe me, there are people who will offer it to them for two. Registering a trademark gives some advantages, of course, if you do business. Next to the organizational intellectual resources include databases, which you also records in the Federal Service of Intellectual and Industrial Property.

Copyrights arising from work – this site design, advertising design, design office signage, and even advertisements. Now Go ahead, it remains the third category of intellectual property of our real estate agency – a client capital. Customer satisfaction with cooperation with your real estate agency relationships between clients and your agency, the structure of the client. Very important questions that address your staff, and the client pays you for the fast and high quality work of your employees. This includes the performance of the real estate as quickly fulfilled customer orders it and the quality of customer service, customer satisfaction from the work of estate agents. We're with you, colleagues, and often hear from customers that it is in this agency Property treated with him very well. And we are now you understand the structure of the intellectual capital of our agency (say at once honest, in this article, I'm not all the points listed, and list all the points your work I can not better than you did) and now we all know what we can control. Now we have understood that and what resources are in our hands, what the intellectual capital we have.

Now we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our resources. Where are our strengths, where the weaknesses that can be strengthened. And based on this knowledge we develop strategy for our organization. There are seven strategies intellectual capital is the development strategy of each capital among themselves – the human with the structure, the structure with the client, and so on, and the most recent seventh strategy – it is the interaction of all three intellectual capital. When you leave for the last seventh strategy for development of intellectual capital, you will not reach the pinnacle of intellectual development organization, is passed all the stages development, the whole chain improved and can only rest on our laurels. If you know what exhausted, and all – it's no longer yours, then there is joy, now you can safely go out of business by simply selling it, yes selling business, which has the intellectual resources to attract quite a few wanting, and maybe you will become so attractive for investors, you will also have to sell their business, otherwise you competently survive from it, Well done, this is business, nothing personal. But still, it's time to build a new structure, new approach to the organization, without clearly built and well-functioning intellectual capital will soon be impossible earn, and who was the first move on the rails of intellectual development, and will be in pole position.