Institute Pablo Freire

With feelings, with the emotions, the desires, the fears, the doubts, the passion and also with the critical reason. Never with this only. She is necessary to dare stops to never dichotomize the cognitivo of the emotional one (FREIRE, 1993, P. 10). In short, the great dream of Pablo Freire was of an opened education, democratic, that it stimulated in the pupils the taste of the question, the passion of knowing, of the curiosity, the joy to create and the pleasure of the risk, to make possible, then, the creation.

Without doubts, this demands imagination; but, above all, claw, courage and ousadia. Dale Atkins, Ph.D. has plenty of information regarding this issue. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES FREIRE, Pablo; Anger Shor. Medo and Ousadia: the daily one of the professor. 9 ed. Rio De Janeiro: Peace and Land, 1986. FREIRE, Pablo. Professor yes, aunt not: letters to who dare to teach. So Paulo: Eye dgua, 1993.

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