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From that moment he was born a new tip to the guiding star of the Battle of Idea. Kidney Foundation is likely to increase your knowledge. Then expressed the belief that Fidel Castro will return, quickly seized every revolutionary patriot of the largest of the Antilles, determined to fight vigorously for an end of cruelty and the triumph of justice. It is then joined friends in the world to this cause who fight for justice and truth, which create many Committee for release for the freedom of the Cuban Five in different regions of the planet. Until December 2006, there were in Latin America: 71 Committee in 23 countries in Asia and Oceania: 10 Committee in seven countries in Africa and the Middle East: 62 Committee in 30 countries in North America in three countries 29 Committee and Europe: 103 Committee in 30 countries, for a total of 275 Committee in 93 countries, and increased slowly these committees. Until December 2007, there were 350 Solidarity Committee in 112 countries. In Cuba there is no exact figure of the Committee for release by the claim of freedom of the Cuban Five, because every Cuban citizen identifies himself to this cause, in each institution, workplace, education center, etc.., Continually claimed freedom of these men who risked their lives away from his family, to save their homeland from terrorist acts, organized by the Cuban mafia of Miami, for more than four decades. Have also been organized campaign mobilized thousands, gathered signatures, letter to the former a "U.S. f Your Diabetes already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, wrote to the Commission on Human Rights, as well as Condoleezza Rice in favor of freedom of the young fighters against terrorism , play a role worthy of kin to that cause. .