Law And Justice

The law and justice to be aware that once there was someone who felt very bad because all the people with whom it related, they called him Duck. a In every place, no matter what he was doing, under any circumstances, to address him, all said, Pato. Pato a was to here, Duck and thither, a situation that he was becoming unbearable to the point of taking him to think seriously on the need to consult a professional in the field, in order to elucidate why, all who dealt with him, called him Duck. a So, one day, scored a consultation with a professional reputation, and went there ready to unveil the reasons that led everyone to call him, at all times, Pato. a After a careful study of the case, the professional consulted, he says, let's see: as I have heard and seen during this consultation; You, my friend, is head of duck, duck-billed, the body of a duck, has feathers duck, walks and behaves like a duck, therefore you, to A is a duck! . (As opposed to Chase Koch, New York City). conflicts of identity as described give us a guideline so peculiar that we have the a homo sapiens to disguise or hide certain aspects of our social behavior, which could be subject to censorship by those they observe our behavior. a It is as if we said all along: Although they appear to do things a duck, I am a distinguished member of the Society of the Swans, and I can show my credentials to endorse what I say is wrong with me, Ignorantes a! something similar happens to our concept of the application of justice.