Learn, Work, Holiday And Live In France

Encounter and exchange with French – countless possibilities for pupils, students, parents and professionals. Guidebook for those who want to discover France, there to look for a job, live, and work. Summer jobs, internships, and a thousand good tips and ideas. Good for students, but for Auswanderungwillige who want to gain a foothold in France or staying there for longer. Everything about France, the best addresses to get in touch with the French, to find a job or an internship, to participate in a workcamp, to perform a voluntary service, to improve the French language skills and profitable holiday spend. With hardly any neighbouring country, we are as well connected as with France.

There are countless exchanges, german French cooperations and organizations such as the German-French youth work, the EURES Portal upper Rhine or Saar-Lor-Lux, the German-French Institute DFI or the German French journalist price DFJP. Goethe Institutes are in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nancy, Paris, Strasbourg and Toulouse represent branches of the French Institute in Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Mainz, Munich and Stuttgart. There are German French Institute in Aachen, Bonn, Erlangen, Essen, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Rostock, Saarbrucken and Tubingen. The opportunities to get to know our Western neighbouring country, there are so many, and it is difficult to fish out an offer tailored to your own needs. While the Advisor with a broad, divided into categories collection would like to help. In addition to general cultural information exchanging in school, study, training, and professional introduces ways internships and the like, as well as german French courses, partnerships, youth exchanges.

A chapter is devoted to the peculiarities of the French higher education system, another treated the French labor market and provides an overview of salaries, Seasonal, holiday and mini-jobs, French associations, gives tips for the job search and the differences in the application, the labour law, etc. And: of course still no master (Maitre) of the sky has fallen. All those who are still not proficient, found in the chapter “Language barriers” all kinds of interesting facts about language certificates, tests, courses, scholarships, and and and. Not least is still a whole range of alternative ways after France pointed out: on the Aupairdienst about, as a volunteer or work camps. Between chapters come very different people to speak, who all sought their fortunes in France: so FH-student of his summer language course in Dijon reported Jorg long: “I could expand my knowledge of French, and I have people from many countries of the world know and learned treasures.” A translation student raves about their work stay on a small farm, and Natalie Anasiewicz learns at a Sommerworkcamp in Issoire that “more work” a lot in a workcamp. Summer jobs, internships, Exchange – France “, life, work, travel, learn French, Aupair, guest school