Lester Levenson

Which you choose? Nothing happens to you but for you. Byron Katie goes further on, does not speak only of to accept the reality, but of to love it. And for it I invite to you that you ask yourself: If God (or the reality) is loving, amiable and God govern everything why it could be living this experience? still more, why it could be the best thing for me than God makes me live this experience? Although in the case of diseases, it can at least cost to think to us about doing this question to us, when we meditated on this and we abrimos the heart we can to discover beautiful surprises and the perfection of the moment Byron Katie, in its book Cuestiona your Mind, Changes to your Life (English) says to us: You think that your body goes away to more efficiently heal when you are tense, with fear and fights against the cancer like an enemy? Or when mistresses what is and you make conscious of all the ways in that your life is in better truth because you have cancer, and from that barren point of beams everything what you can to heal? is nothing fills more of life than inner La Paz. In my case, the tumor brought many positive things to me: many demonstrations of love, support and attention of my family and friendly, pleasant familiar breakfasts after the visits to the hospital, hours of Reiki by volunteers who nor knew me, colleagues who generously worked with me at emotional level before the operation. I could question and break with paradigms in my life. I could see the good that works public the medical system, enjoy the care, amiability and the good humor of the nurses during the operation, to see that things are not so complicated nor painful as my mind says, to astonish to me to me with the anesthesia that it prevents to feel pain, to understand better other people me than they happen through similar situations, to live with the less fear to become ill and a long list of things Lester Levenson, creator of the Sedona method, changed radically to its life and the one of many others as a result of which the doctor only gave two weeks him of life.