Travel to London need a previous preparation and it is also necessary to take some points into account, so that unexpected episodes will not occur. A_continuacion, you point out some tips and observations for your trip to London with greater success: prepares the following things before you travel to London: your documents: to) to be a citizen of the EU passport do not need to travel, although if you have to carry your ID card to London. However, it is recommended that you take both documents, as well as photocopies of each. It is also advisable to carry documentation in a place that is not baggage, as for example in your pockets. (b) do you have travel insurance? If it is not, it is recommended that you have one.

You can ask any of the many travel agency that there are for more information. (c) do not forget to bring your driver’s license. If what you want is to look for work in London, sometimes they will ask you if you have driving license. And it is convenient to have it on hand in those moments. d) in London, Spanish social security card is not used; However, the citizens of the EU can get free health care at a pretty good price by presenting the passport or the E111 form. To achieve this last you can go to your nearest provincial center of security and order. When you ask, don’t forget to mention that you are going to look for work and until you don’t find one, you need this document if something happens to you. Either way, once you’re working in London give you high on Social security beyond. On security in London: London is a safe city. There are many places cameras monitoring everything, as well as policemen watching and willing to help you when you have a problem. Continue to learn more with: Randall Mays, San Antonio TX.