Luis Ravizza

And on the right side will have to consider in positive situations. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine often addresses the matter in his writings. For example, you could write: starting today I transformed me into a person who controls his weight, starting today I can’t control my weight a simple exercise, repeated daily going aside negative mental structures, and new habits of behavior are generated. It is estimated that a person on an average day average emits approximately 60,000 thoughts. The importance of choosing positive thoughts wonder, do many of your thoughts have automatically come to your mind and how many of those chose them conscious, deliberately? And succeed it requires knowing how to choose positive thoughts. Most of the thoughts that flow in our mind in an automatic and uncontrolled manner, are negative thoughts because our society is so constructed and thus educate us. The key is that you begin to choose positive thoughts, the key is that starting today you discover and then decide to build the future you want, get to live in the home you want, have the study you want, find the pair which you dream, retrieve the relationship with certain person, will depend in the first place that you recognize that that reality depends on your mental structure.

I.e. If today you don’t have what they wanted is because your mental structure has not been consistent or perhaps you are in the process of construction of that future, because neither is It is built over night. Positive mental attitude is deep compression that I create my reality from a new way of thinking, that I can change the harvest changing sowing, that there is a design and logic, that I can imitate the best, that I can acquire new habits of conduct that will take me to new realities. Napoleon Hill developed 17 laws of success, if you’re committed to your success staff will want to know the rest of the laws by clicking on the following link: as having success on the author: Luis Ravizza is international speaker on issues of leadership, motivation, personal development, business networking and how to work over the internet. Their videos, audios, ebooks, and conferences are renown for its technical level and professionalism.