Market Investment

This applies generally – also for NPL funds competing products make it easier to make a decision you. Products should be compared always objectively without emotion and without to discredit another product. It is important to highlight benefits of each product and then compare, may make a factual decision. Both funds are from the side of the initiators from absolutely in order. “The difference is in the company, then in the choice of the target investment: task force NPL chooses here a target investment unsecured loans unsecured claims”, which of course compared to the target investment of NPL investor are considerably cheaper in the shopping. However, they provide no collateral for investors. NPL investor, however, has as target investment secured loans collateralised”claims. NPL investor acquires only claims where you can get a real estate as collateral.

Thus, the risk of a total loss is certainly excluded humanly. Of course, the prices are also higher here as I said. Another Difference is the designation of the return. Task force NPL has unfortunately”chosen a calculation method which has a higher rate of return in most cases, when then comes in the earnings on the account. You say he could expect 10% return to the customer, then understands this just including 10% and not 6%, which are after calculation of the IRR method just 10%. Complicated? Yes, we find also, initiators should generally refrain on this return on investment calculation method. You can earn money with two investments.