Mesh Fences

So, let's talk about the kinds of the very mesh fence, what is it and what it eats. Perhaps start with a well-known to almost every type of network – a mesh netting. Mesh netting manufactured by Plexus in a transplantation flat coils of wire of circular cross section. Netting comes in rolls of a width of 10 meters in height from one to two meters, which makes it easy to transport and accordingly, the subsequent installation, because the grid ready netting should only draw between the posts and all! The fence almost ready. This kind of metal mesh is quite suitable for the device of the fence on the plot.

Quite a good idea to fence off the grid garden netting, and then the neighbor boy hesitated before to get on your territory for such luscious, liquid apple or bardovo red cherries, and local residents of fauna, including cats and not to the extent curious dogs are unlikely to make your flower bed or flower bed with roses in a newly plowed field. There are several varieties of mesh netting – an ordinary mesh netting, it is a grid from the usual "black" wire a fence of the most inexpensive, but it requires high-quality color, otherwise it will quickly become covered with rust and will take hard-hitting appearance. Mesh netting galvanized, requiring much less maintenance than ordinary, as she not at all afraid of corrosion, needs only to be painted, although it is an amateur, someone, say, like a fence made of white metal. For more specific information, check out Childrens Defense Fund.