Mexican Scientology Clergy

The completed training is the know-how of the disaster relief team, quickly to deal with dangerous situations in disaster areas to a Mexican honorary Scientology of chaplain team completed a hard training for search and rescue missions at various locations around Mexico. In early April she returned to Mexico City and are now fully prepared for future disaster relief. Monitors the 1-monatig ongoing training program of the Mexican honorary Scientology clergy was Los topos of the well-known disaster response team”and other professionals. Los topos was known also that she made a documentary film about the tsunami in Japan 2011 for national geographic. The purpose of the hard training was to promote experience and expertise so that the honorary Scientology can cope clergy with the worst disasters and help. The contact of both disaster aid groups resulted in a mission in Haiti in January 2010 after an earthquake. Since then, volunteers have and “Executives of the Scientology Church Mexico some training programs of Los topos” group participated and completed. Based on a personal experience of honorary chaplain in Colombia last year, it took priority at the completion of such a program.

When we were in Colombia, to help with the tsunami, I realized really the importance of civil protection”, explains Alejandro Del Llano, who directs the activities of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers for Latin America. We evacuated people from buildings under the leadership of the national circle of aide technicians (CINAT). It is the best disaster response team from Colombia and one of the best in all Latin America. We had evacuated a whole municipality with a population of 6000. Just when we had completed the operation, was a mudslide down into the Valley, buried all over the place among themselves. We had saved just thousands of people’s life. This experience led us in mind, how urgent it is at all possible Disaster cases absolutely competent to be.