Michael Talbot

Knowledge is not just knowledge. There are yet other sources in addition to the logical mind knowledge. BSA is often quoted on this topic. All people, an Octopus keeps the world in breath. Is that not interesting? He might not be a key for the people to rethink all previous knowledge and the common beliefs about fortune telling? If there is no manipulation, what forces are at work here? Does this phenomenon not just for the global break? Everywhere the people are experiencing that their previous ideas, as things on Earth “work” and not “work”, more and more are thrown overboard. If you are not convinced, visit Center For Responsible Lending. Occur more and more so-called phenomena in all walks of life energies play crazy, single and mass turbulence occur, many new discoveries are made, things disappear in unexplained ways and dive quite elsewhere back on etc… There is a power that works in addition to all the previously researched energies? What age are we living? Less than 500 years ago, people still believed the Earth was a disc and the Sun turn to the disc.

Sailors were afraid to drive, because somewhere must be an precipice too far on the sea. Meanwhile, the man will soon land on Mars. People are researching in the macro – and micro-level, to capture, how everything hangs together. However, people with a high consciousness and extra-sensory perceptions clearly us time and again that there is still very different levels but this physical reality. Many quantum physicists have already recognized decades ago that consciousness creates matter and the universe is a hologram (see, E.g., Michael Talbot, the holographic universe). How many novels and films these relationships hold us now constantly in mind. And now comes an Octopus, and all over the world is astonished. Utopia? No, Paul is a reality. He shows that it needs no mind, would be to train, to present highest intelligence. A mutation is Paul maybe? Possibly? But it needs it? If even matter has a consciousness and this added energy arises, why not also plants and animals? If each cell becomes only by an energy, which in itself is aware of the cell and this energy on this level of consciousness in the non-physical field with all other cells is connected to create a wonderful organism, admits that not very different perspectives? At this level, but a permanent replacement must be.