Migrant Organisation

The willingness to promote projects with these associations and clubs increases on State institutions. A positive example is the ProDialog project of the Turkish Islamic Union (DITIB), which is the largest Migrantenorganisation in Germany and at the same time the largest Islamic Association. Project nationwide over five hundred volunteer dialog officers were trained within the framework of the ProDialog. The closing event of the project financially supported by the Federal Office for migrants and refugees (BAMF) was performed on 17 December in Bochum with over seven hundred dialog representative. Following these examples, DITIB-Nord, the regional association of the Turkish Islamic Union for Hamburg and surroundings leads new projects in the area of integration and dialogue.

These include vocational guidance seminars, tutoring for pupils and students, but also courses for women in mosques. The latter sees as an important project North Step to tackle broad integration also in the base. Language is the key to social life to be able to participate in, so the Board of DITIB-Nord. A new innovative project initiated project North with the support of the social authority of Hamburg. In two mosques in Hamburg, social on advice for immigrants by several exclusively female counsellors is offered (SoC-PA).

This ensures that, in addition to male, female Muslims have easier and high-quality access to the offer. Here, the seeking help are discussed in Turkish or german in a very wide range. Range from legal advice, education, youth work and to health issues. Violence in the family is addressed here. The advisors are called upon to be especially sensitive and attentive. The success speaks for the offer. Although they allow funding only a consultation period of three times two hours, so a total of six hours per week, a total of nearly 150 could within the first year People can be helped. The interest is rising, so the services would have to be extended. The Advisory services are supported through seminars and conferences specifically for women. Other projects in the area of integration and social are already in planning. The project “my way! Youth for the future!”which was approved by the Ministry of the family, is just in the Konzeptionspahse. This should youth leaders and youth leaders trained which will, to build a collaborative and sustainable youth work in the Muslim society. This project North hoping for not only a better integration of young people in the school and in the career. At the same time, young people who see a perspective for themselves, will be gefeiter against any kind of radicalisation. Other projects will follow. Because DITIB-Nord wants to turn his slogan “Coordination, representation, integration” in the Act and continue to promote more integration.