Molds And Good Health

In today’s health is very important and many underestimate the risk of mold. Therefore, I would like to run the mold issue more closely. Now the question arises as first as I know a mold, a mold can be a flaky or dusty, whitish, gray, yellowish, reddish, brownish or blackish coating. By the germination of mold spores on an organic material formed mold. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger may find this interesting as well. The moisture content and the organic material as food plays a major role. If these two commodities are no longer Available dies the fungus. The mold spores are a health risk, they can pass through the air in the respiratory tract and cause allergies. It is therefore important as soon as possible to combat mold.

There are many chemicals in stores for mold abatement, only these are usually applied only by professionals. But we can make do with simple means by using, for example at least 70 percent alcohol, or used with a hot air the mold removed. Rotten fruit should be removed quickly and disinfect the environment. But there are also good for the mold to man, such as noble mold colonies in the Roquefort cheese or salami with noble mold. And without the horse people would never have discovered penicillin. If you have a mold infestation in a house we can insist on a reduction in rent. In most cases the tenant is accused of not having enough ventilation, hence giving the mold enough moisture to live. Most tenants do not take the blame, because many buildings are not fully protected from moisture. A daily ventilation of living spaces is a good preventive measure against mold.