Introduction: Everybody’s looking for mouth ask to any scholar of marketing and will tell you the same thing: the best marketing strategy is to provoke the mouth. Also you will hear them say: but marketing can do little to generate it. Let me disagree with this last statement. The marketing has traditional mechanisms to stimulate consumption. However, many are unaware that parallel to this traditional mechanism, there are also a series of elements that can be used to promote word of mouth and are much more powerful and direct than the traditional ones. How it may that we incidamos in personal communication mechanisms be possible?.

Firstly, not all are personal, also can have simultaneous collective mechanisms that inevitably invite talk of specific product. For example, do you think that most of the internet sites have achieved visibility that have? Did you ever you see advertising on Google?. Never. But I can assure you that Google used one of the most effective plans of marketing word of mouth that ever made. There are other examples that come from the off line world: How do you think that they disseminate their activities los boliches in old town? How you learn who touch?. The answer is simple, resorts to opinion leaders in specific places that make running the news like wildfire. Defeating the advertising noise Las Agencias de Publicidad squeeze their brains trying to that creativity will defeat the advertising noise.

What call you as well?. The daily and almost continuous bombardment we receive consumers through parts in TV, radio, newspapers, brochures, tastings, direct marketing, gifts, among others. In this context, emerge new, such as promotions and direct marketing tools. The idea is to ignore the noise and attend the meeting directly with the consumer. But ultimately the criterion is similar: more of the same contributes to weaken to medium and, hence, to all strategies that through them to be generated.