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No evidence of missing income security as a result of fluctuating Charter rates: For our clients the economic imbalance of the Fund stunned. The background is that the freight rates for all types of vessels as of mid-2008 due to the global economic crisis, but also due to the massive overcapacity in shipping tonnage slumped massively. Our clients in the consulting were not pointed out the risk resulting from cyclical fluctuating Charter rates for the ships of the Fund. Depending on the value of the ships of the Charter market situation: the fact the ship values evolve according to the Charter rates, the investors in the individual counseling sessions so not clarified. Rather it was you Recommended ship participation as safe and value stable monetary system. Extreme value fluctuations of Charter revenue or the ships was not mentioned in the discussions.

No secondary market for “used” Fund investments: What many who we fund MS “City of Lubeck” by their advisers never represented investors of the King & Cie., is that they can cancel the participation at short notice and before the expiry of the period of notice set out in the prospectus no chance to get their money. Since there are no regulated secondary market for used Fund investments, a sale is almost impossible. The same applies to the achievement of a share price, which corresponds to the invested capital. Here in the event that a buyer is found, take significant cuts. Commission interest not disclosed: Advisor of banks and savings banks are obliged the Kickback case-law of the Bundesgerichtshof, customers who discuss it investments, to inform the Commission of Get brokerage of financial investment. According to our experience the Commission rates are shipping funds between 10 and 15% of the investors invest capital. The consultant defaults this note, claims for damages are entitled to the investor for that reason alone.

Aggrieved investors of shipping funds have therefore fundamentally good opportunities to enforce claims for compensation against their advisors or the founding shareholders of the Fund. Do you have questions to your Fund’s contribution to the King & Cie. Fund MS “City Lubeck”? You want to know what your chances are to enforce claims for compensation? Call us, we are happy to help you.