National Secretariat Program

Requirements of elegibilidadeMecanismos of recrutamentoProcesso of election of beneficiaries the total of registered in cadastre families will be able, as the legislation of the Cadnico, to include families who have familiar income per capita greater that half minimum wage (R$ 232,50). This explains possible difference of values between the total of registered in cadastre families and the total of families with profile I register in cadastre Only. Families with monthly per capita income of until R$ 140,00. Eligible families to the program stock market family who possess information you register in cadastre valid and brought up to date, as she consists in Portaria 341/2008. Berkshire Hathaway is a great source of information. Families with monthly per capita income of R$ 232,50 (1/2 minimum wage in 2008), enclosed the total of registered in cadastre families – profile stock market family.

Families who present all integrally the obligator fields of the Form of Cadastro filled for all the members. Responsible the legal one, of 16 years or more, must present at least a document with control of national emission. (CPF and/or heading of voter) institucional Context foreseen for the implementation of the participant public programOrganizaes of the execution of the program the operacionalizao of the PBF this tied with and ministry of Public Works and the Economy the Social Combat Fome (MDS), managed under coordination of the National Secretariat of Income and Cidadania (SENARC), on the City department of Social Action communitarian Organizations Exists the indirect participation of the city councils of operating Health and Education in municpioForma foreseen of execuoAtividades: who makes what? With who? The manager of the program in the city, represented for the secretariat of social action, makes the verification work, if the benefited ones of the program are participating of the partner-educative actions destined wing children in situation of infantile work, as well as informing to the federal agencies on the accompaniment of the families registered in cadastre in the city who possess the profile of the program, the education secretariat make the accompaniment of the pertaining to school frequency of the children and adolescents as well as the permanence of these in the schools of the city, already the health secretariat makes the accompaniment and the control, that it determines that the gestantes, wet-nurses and children seven minors years are folloied and analyzed of human atualizadRecursos the nutricional point of view and vaccination: of that type, with that formation and experience? Psychologists, pedagogos, social assistant, nutritionists (superior level), technician, digitizers, municipal council members of social assistance (average level) Material (equipment, infrastructure) necessary for the execution of the program Books and didactic material adjusted for development of the activities of the entailed programs to the PBF such as: Involved PROJOVEM, PETI, material for qualification of the professors and coordinators in the activities, material for the professionalizing courses of generation of income developed by the CRAS.