Native Order

at this time that if of the o beginning of the verticalizao of the city and the construction of the coastal way. Instituted in the management of Jorge Ivan Cascudo Rodrigues, in accordance with SEMURB (2007), which did not present measured significant how much to the urban order of the city. Between the main characteristics it can be cited that it was created based in the Urbanstico Plan of 1968 and enclosed beyond partner-economic and administrative questions, lines of direction on zoning based in the order of 68. It did not have, therefore no innovation of the structural point of view. In 1984, Native one it knew plus a proposal the Managing Plan of Physicist-Territorial Organization of the City of Christmas, approved for the City council and sancionado by Mayor Marcos Ant.

The law looked prescribed the question of the occupation of the ground, in accordance with the SEMURB (2007), is in this Plan that the Zone North is inserted in the lines of direction of the zoning. Such plan was distinguished for the intense referring regulation to the use of the ground. After the changes proposals for the federal constitution of 1988, about the urban order, the city of Christmas, as well as other cities of the country with more than 20 a thousand inhabitants, started to count, in its legislation, with the managing plans. Currently, after the promulgation of the last great letter the city counts on two revisions: Managing plan of Christmas (1994) and the most recent Managing Plan of the City of Christmas (2007). The Managing Plan of 1994, as in affirms the SEMURB to them (2007), had as main characteristic the opening for the popular participation in what it refers to the decisions for the order of the city. Such privilege was stimulated primarily by the Federal Constitution of 1988. Such plan had the intention to construct a sustainable city fulfilling to a social function joust privileging referring aspects to the quality of life of the population.