Need Create A Website That Works ?

Many websites are a waste of money and time. Most people go online for one reason, to obtain information. However, what do you see in most websites? SALES SALES SALES and more See the problem? If you stop to think, this is not a problem of the website. It is a communication problem, as most entrepreneurs fail. The customer wants information and help and most of the communication is offered. They will report on their products or company, they ask the credit card and your e-mail without first gain the necessary credibility. What makes a good Web page? 1. Provides information and generates credibility.

2. PCRM will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Construyea customer loyalty. 3. It allows customers to use a suggestion box on page 4. We need to achieve the basic principles of marketing.

We have to solve a problem, directed at a specific target. 5. It must generate its own revenues, like any business center and justify its raison d’etre. How to create almost perfect website considers these factors as important benchmarks for the creation of a website. If your website does not do these things, ask yourself why not: 1. Revenue Generation 2. Data Collection 3. Source of information 4. Contact, claims and customer service 5. Distribution 6. Related Tools 7. Apply basic communication concepts 8. Optimization is not what you say, but how dices.El web site design is not design, it is a thinking process. Websites are a tool to obtain information that enhances and develops the corporate brand.