Nuon Overview

Only eprimo offers their own green electricity tariff. “” advertises how easy with the spongy MeinKlima fare “for a C02 offset by savings elsewhere”. “Yello power praise for ten years tirelessly his yellow power” on and references in the eco question the mother house of EnBW, long reinforced “invest in the renewable energy production facilities. Compromising the service: despite good organization in the background, the subsidiaries with modestly falling service have earned her discount title redlichst. Tail light: stromistbillig of the seven electricity suppliers is stromistbillig completely out of the frame. The Pforzheim company offers only two fares to its customers. There are two products only as a package to paying in advance and a minimum order quantity of 1500 kW/h annual consumption. Who consumed less in the end, has bad luck, because the credit expires.

is 17: 00 by telephone to reach stromistbillig, then rush hour is definitely. And that the provider a Online sales portal is, probably doesn’t matter, because the application form must be nevertheless printed and sent by mail to Pforzheim. Electricity price comparison: The numbers once in Nuon Overview: 17,50 euro per month; Entega: 17,56 euro; eprimo: 22.70 euros; Yello power: 26.42 euros. Bright spot: 26,77 Euro; how easy: 31,55 euro. For more information: electricity test / on tested was launched mid-2009 in life and has its headquarters in Hamburg. Tested by partner agencies about insurance, job boards, checking accounts, online pharmacies and shops to electricity suppliers: Everything is. The independent comparison portal helps in the often opaque variety of the Internet with its cross-industry comparisons and evaluations. So consumers can one directly tested contact and express any test requests. On the other hand to customize the tests to the seasonal high points of the year. A further significant advantage over other comparison sites and test institutes is located in the fact that the published test results are at any time and for everyone on accessible.