Olympics Competitions

Games of the competition will be held from June 29 to August 16, 2010 and most of their programs – 30 species of 44 – will be held on arenas of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. In the 14 sports competitions will be held in other Russian regions. For the first time in the team championship standings complex event will be raffled among the Games of Subjects of the Russian Federation. Unlike previous competitions, where teams of Moscow and St.

Petersburg competed with teams teams 7 federal districts. A new form of credit, agreed members of the Board, will an objective assessment of the quality of work with a sports reserve in each region. Unsatisfactory results of performance of athletes at the St. Petersburg Youth Spartakiads previous years have become one of the key drivers the motives of radical reorganization of the sports reserve training in St. Petersburg. The results of the 2008 reform was the transfer of management control of physical culture and sports of all children sports schools in the city. Become purposeful and training teams of the city to comprehensive competitions.

Since 2009, this responsibility lies with the state agency "Center for preparation of national teams St. Petersburg. " Measures taken should have a positive impact on the quality of training teams of St. Petersburg to the Olympics, on the final results of their performance. In preparation for the Games of 2010 by the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports was established in a timely manner coordinating staff, identified those responsible, earmarked funds for training camps for teams and equipment acquisition modern sports equipment. Of the 44 types of programs Games of athletes of St. Petersburg will take part in competitions in 41 sport except softball, shotgun shooting and field hockey (women). According to experts agreed at the Board, a real chance to compete for prizes in the team standings for individual sports have 23 teams in St. Petersburg. In the complex standing among the subjects of the Russian Federation, the undisputed favorite team is in Moscow. Chances of second most preferred by athletes, Moscow region. In the fight for third place pre-cast team of St. Petersburg with equal chances of success will compete with a group of commands regions that have achieved in recent years significant progress in the development of sport. These include the Republic of Tatarstan, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions, Krasnodar and others. Such analysis of the forecast was made at the Board meeting held on. In general, said members of the College, in St. Petersburg is ready to participate in Sports Day, ready to take on his talented sports arenas, the future of Russia.