To do so, having external personnel specialized in the Organization and presence in trade fairs can help if you do not have time to cover everything. FAIR all this work prior to the fair us It will ensure that the duration of the days will be as profitable as possible, we have at our commercial assets in the fair stage everything we planted will be collecting it, together with new visitors that we will have at our booth. During the same presence has to be nice and you should invite to ask, we have to convey proximity and professionalism (we all have in mind some stands that seems that they forgive by enter to learn life insurance). It must be clear that at the booth, the commercials must know very well our product or service and be clear about the objective of the fair and the message to convey (therefore, recommend a few days before a meeting to review and discuss with them the key points). Another important Council, together with the card of each person who visit us in the stand or to talk about at the fair, you have to go scoring 4 ideas that would help us then have clear needs, doubts, opinions. Also leverage the fair to take a stroll through the same, the latest news of the sector, What makes our competition and after the grueling days of fair. Starts the Postferia phase. POSTFERIA during the week following the fair is vital contact with all visitors.

An email thanking them for their attendance at the fair will give us the opportunity to call all those contacts of interest later. But until we can, thanks email will save us. Enter in our CRM or our database of potential clients, customers and suppliers the information obtained during the fair. From here, select the contacts of interest and resume contact with them. If these recommendations are followed, the profitability of the fair is guaranteed.