Organizing Kitchen Space

Kitchen – this is the place where we spend a large enough portion of his time. Therefore, we must very carefully to the choice of kitchen design. In the beginning of the century, it was noted that, above all, the kitchen should be ergonomic, that is made by taking into account the physiological characteristics and proportions of the human body. Most of the time in the kitchen, as a rule, are the mistress, and it is against their wishes, and should be planned in the room. First you buy furniture is worth schematically room and imagine how and where to stand devices. Considered ideal rectangular and square rooms. But in practice, they are extremely rare.

At proper arrangement of furniture kitchen, you can save about 20% of the time, the right to organize a work triangle. It consists of three items: fridge, sink and stove, the smaller the distance between the subjects, the less will be useless movements. In the center of the triangle should ideally be a sink, as it is about her doing a great part of the time. Kitchen furniture can be made in five basic versions: two-row, single row, L – shaped, T – shaped and island. It was coined only recently, but once introduced into the kitchen design revolution, because it is an island in the kitchen helps save time, but unfortunately, he designed for large kitchens. The linear arrangement is ideal for smaller kitchens, furniture placed in it along one wall. It is best if the refrigerator and stove will be standing on the edges, sink and work surface will be among them. Seriate or parallel plan implies the arrangement of furniture between the two walls, it gives more room, ideally, if a sink and stove will be on the one hand, and a refrigerator with another.

T – shaped or angled kitchen suitable solution if you have a small kitchen. It will be the most efficient use of the angular space of the room. In the corner usually put the sink. A space can be use under a dining area. Refrigerator door should not overlap the area, and a working table top should not make more than three and a half meters. If you are not accustomed to using for cooking too much place, the better the contrary reduce the countertop, and then free to move will be more. L – shaped layout is suitable for owners of kitchens with a large area, the main thing in this version do not forget about the triangle working surface. Remember that the most traumatic place in the kitchen is a stove, so place it in a way that hurt her by accident it was impossible. The kitchen can be done in any style and any color, but remember that too fussy and eccentric design kitchen out of style faster than the classic version of it. If the room is small and heats up quickly, you can use cold colors – blue, green, and if the room is on the dark side, it will look good bedding colors – peach, beige, pink.