Orient Bay Shore Excursions

When traveling to St. Maarten (or St. Maarten), some of the most beautiful land trips you could take would be the Orient Beach Shore Excursions. This fabulous clothing optional beach has much to offer cruise passengers. Most cruise ships stop at the island, landing on the Dutch side (Sint Maarten) in Phillipsburg in Great Bay. A brief (20 minutes) bus or taxi takes passengers stage throughout the island to the French side (St. Martin) where the Orient Beach. Passing the giant salt lake on their way to the beach, guide (the driver) gives a brief history of the area, including the importance of the Salt Pond.

No need for passports or customs controls across the border from the Dutch side to the French side of the island. You should be aware that Orient Beach is a clothing optional beach. Nude bathers are visible in the halls of the beach in hot water, and walk along the beach. Most nudism "is held at a section of the beach naked East. For those who find this offensive, perhaps this is not the beach excursion for you. But if you can get beyond this, Orient Beach is a wonderful excursion to spend a morning or afternoon. There is a restaurant right on the beach where you can eat something while still wet with water from the East Beach. Drinks at the bar of course is open to the beach as well.

Everyone is friendly, Orient Beach, and most speak very good English. There are a number of activities available at Orient Beach. All the usual seaside activities shore excursions are provided to several huts along the beach. Para-sailing is a popular activity, and usually you can see at least one parachute cruise in the waters off East Beach. The landscape of the shore of East Beach is amazing! Looking into the water from the beach, the bay is protected by a rugged little island that allows access to the bay at each end of the island. From the water looking toward the beach area, You can see Lowland gradually increased until the tops of the surrounding hills that protect the Orient Beach. And of course there's the scenery is fabulous Orient Beach you'd expect on any beach in the Caribbean! Whether your shore excursion is Sint Maarten Orient Beach or one of the other fantastic beaches, be sure to save a little time to stroll through the shops in Phillipsburg. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine oftentimes addresses this issue. There are plenty of fascinating sellers for pleasure shopping excursion shore! Brian Schmidt is the author and web publisher of A1-Discount-cruises. This site is your # 1 source for cruise information, discounts and special offers! Visit to book your fantastic cruise to St. Martin! For more information on Orient Beach, tours of the Caribbean coast beach and verification visits to some of the other items on page interesting cruise our