In order to initiate us in it, we at the outset needed, naturally, to support some annoyances – like when we walked without shoes by the field. To give to our feet the opportunity to tan, to develop to its own force, plants sensible but, simultaneously, resistant to stones, the heat and the cold. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Canada Day on most websites. Arrived at that point, everything what previously it hurt to you no longer hurts to you. Your tolerance to the pain has increased. Therefore, the fears and attachments with which before you protected yourself of that pain, are debilitated. Your derived sadnesses, anxieties and other symptoms, no longer arise. Read additional details here: CBC.

Your decisions begin to be, gracious and for this reason, much more rewarding, so that all your life improves. And even him takings gustillo about going and coming barefoot between your problems (To whom it already desires to him to return to put the boots narrow) To all this we called maturation. Personal growth. It is not that you become ” otra” person or you leave ” back; for siempre” your past. Your old woman traumas, fundamental problems and characteristics follow there but no longer they affect to you like before.

And, that is why, no longer they can to restrain the development of other many aspects of same you: self-esteem, spontaneity, decision making, affective relations, creativity We say that, without stopping being the one that eras, there are ” expandido”. You have fortified yourself. You have stopped being young for convertirte in adult. Your old – or present subjects already never more they will be able causarte excessive fear, blockades, repressions, etc., with all the associate symptoms. For that reason tenth that you are ” curado”. So that, returning to the initial question: can be surpassed the neurosis? Naturally. But only if you are prepared to quitarte the boots, to live barefoot – and, more exactly, ” desnudo” – the rest of your life, without resorting to your old woman armors. If you cling to these, your armor will damage without alleviating for that reason to the pain del to you more and more that you try protegerte (lack of affection, wrath, conflicts ). The armors do not protect of the ice nor of the fire. On the contrary, if you free yourself of your shields, not only you will feel more alleviated and light but, that is why, you will know for the first time to include your things suitably, to handle better your problems, to freely choose what to do with your life. To sum up, to leave your neurosis means quitarte your heavy disguise of medieval soldier for convertirte in weightless surfista. The psycotherapy, naturally helps, you to it. To also see: ” The psycotherapy: it works?