Parenting More

Be father may be more rewarding or more stressful our life challenge. Everything depends on us. Our children are simply a reflection of our beliefs. They can lead us to our limits more extreme, and thus give us a great opportunity to learn and grow. We, as parents, must understand that the relationship with our children depends only on our thoughts. What really matters is not what is on the outside, but our thoughts about our children and our thoughts about his conduct. This is the belief of Ho Ho’oponopono, an ancient art Hawaiian who teaches us that there is nothing outside of us.

Everything that comes into our lives is actually an opportunity to learn, and is there and attract it for some reason. Normally, our reality reflects ideas and concepts that constantly touch in our subconscious minds, without us realizing has. This means that, if we work to clean and get rid of these repetitive thoughts, we will change and our children will change. Yes, When we change, everything changes (up to our children) without even need to say anything to anyone. Your children are simply your programs, a memory playing on your own monitor. Ho Ho’oponopono works like the Delete on your computer keyboard key.

Your challenges with your children are simply memories playing, you can choose to speak to the monitor, or you may delete that which is not running. That clears it, is also deleted from your children. It is important that parents learn how to get to ourselves first and do what works for us. The era of sacrifice has ended. We will notice that, as we are well, our children will also be well. Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len reminds us how powerful that is this work, since what is erased from us, is also deleted from our families, relatives and ancestors.