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The individual schedules module 1: sustainable competitive strategies: analyze the market to itself on the market module 2: module 3: leading executive – task and responsibility of leadership April 16/17, 2010 with key figures on March 19/20, 2010: action in the 14th and 15th May 2010 module 4: dealing with employees and work in a team of 11/12 June 2010 module 5: project management – projects successfully initiate, draw and conclude July 16/17, 2010 module 6: employment law for managers September 17/18, 2010 module 7: conflict management – successful strategies to meet October 15-16, 2010 module 8: Marketing: customer and product management 12/13 November “Advanced Executive Education Program” – management knowledge for executives advanced executive education program called”” the University of Passau gives managers important management skills. In eight modules in the fields of business administration, law, self – and social competence, speakers from academia and practice provide current knowledge and application-oriented techniques. The target group are executives of all levels, particularly Board members, Managing Director, project manager, HR managers and people who want to further develop their leadership skills. Business management knowledge (module 1 and 3) how one manages to keep track of risks for the company? Even and especially under difficult conditions, it is important to keep the issue of action in hand. A changing world presents opportunities, if decisions and processes in time clearly thought out, structured. Appropriate tools and methods for this are taught in the business management modules.

Social and self competence of an Executive (module 2, 5 and 8) the social and communicative requirements of an Executive are enormous, yet this area in many vocational training is still omitted. Cross-cutting competencies enable the participants to motivate employees and at the same time to achieve a high consensus on the objectives and values of the company. For a meaningful management of own resources, the coach also teach techniques for the individual work-life balance. Legal basics for managers (module 4, 6 and 7) in these modules current specialized knowledge to selected, guide-relevant areas of law are taught. The entire course consists of eight modules, which take place on a monthly basis.

Participants can receive upon completion of the entire course the University certificate “Advanced Business Management” of the University of Passau. All modules of the course can also be booked separately. The dates module 1: risk management 26/27 March 2010 module 2: run with values April 23/24, 2010 module 3: change management may 14/15, 2010 module 4: contract law and liability law 18th/19th June 2010 module 5: employee commitment – talks focus 23/24 July 2010 module 6: IT compliance – technical and legal aspects of ensuring security 24/25 September 2010 module 7: Labour law – selected problems 29 and 30 October 2010 module 8: work-life-balance – harmonization of the needs of 19/20 November contact: Susanne Brembeck University of Passau College for continuing education of Gottfried Schaffer str. 20 94032 Passau Tel.: 0851 / 509-1425 email: training