Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

and actually think the doctor and his behavior criteria of patient satisfaction have changed significantly in recent years. Increasingly, terms are used such as service, instruction, or advice that were still not common a few years ago. No wonder, then, that the patient attention also on pharmaceutical sales representatives, who partly address them in the waiting rooms. The assessment is it however negatively. In satisfaction surveys patient speak not only about the quality of work in doctor’s offices, but also to field staff and employees of the pharmaceutical industry. The statements are in negative and aimed against the time preference of the ‘drug representatives’.

And indeed, it is often so that pharmaceutical consultant even at full waiting room have to wait only a few moments to speak with the doctor. 43 Patients in one hundred surveys, complained about this three years ago, it was in the last year already 126 negative mentions. For patients, this preference means a double reset: are they downgraded the response hierarchy and on the other hand gives the impression you, their disease and make them even having a lower importance than the visit of a representative. A such organizing of visits to the speakers is extremely harmful for practice owners and the quality of its patient relationship. Meet patients in a doctor’s Office often field staff, quickly formed the image of the “Pharma doctor”. When employees are received, should be basically happen outside the perception of patients or so that patients get the impression, reset.. Credit: Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City-2011.