Planetary Requests

The planet asks for People! Oque, oque is making? People! What I will choose are these? Oque is this? Where this the love? Where this the aid? People! It looks in my eyes, it looks at and they do not dissimulate that I am not here, therefore I am yes, I am crying out People! People! She will be that it is sin to speak of hope union, world in them we are the abandonment we are animal, plants, children, we are flying, we are in the sea, the street of its house inside of its home lost we are played! More we are not been silent. Peoples! Countries! World! Where they are vocs? I call land I I call sky, water and air. Please he does not abandon me does not leave me finishes. I am crying out with little of pure air remains that me is crying with my storms, I have that to react they are tearing my heart I am not silenced then me ouo!.