Plastic Card In Credit Card Format

Practical plastic cards for adventure and event agencies event and adventure agencies have discovered plastic card in credit card format for their business. The weather – and waterproof maps are not only for check-in the and check-outs used as participant management tool, for example on the assignment in groups. Already before the event, the sending of cards conveys the message: “You are!” Further equipment can include the plastic card, in addition to a confirmation of participation, communication concepts, and the use of advanced: personalized access code share on the Internet site of mission data or give individual participation data show. With clips and straps, known as lanyards, perforated plastic cards to clothing can be fixed and show as belonging to a certain group or about a role in the team. Jennifer Aaker addresses the importance of the matter here. The visible empowerment roles has in certain contexts, how about team training and security issues particular relevance. Safety warnings, instructions, rules, program notes, Expiration dates or also GPS data give the cards of additional functions and enhance them later as a souvenir. There are premium plastic card in credit card format in small editions with a wide range of possibilities: EAN – Code, magnetic stripe, signing fields, personalization with images, logos, names, colours, transparent and semi-transparent blanks and embossing are just a few of the many offers for the creative design of events with plastic cards. Let 123CARDS make an offer and advise for your design..