‘ ‘ WHAT THEY GO TO THINK OF MIM’ ‘ it took men to forget its roots for the shame of its poor past. They had taken intellectuals to move of opinions that had defended the life all. They had made with that atheistic men if declared Christians and kissed the hand of the Pope and that Christian men cuspissem without no constaint in the sacred bible. Credit: Cancer Research Institute-2011. Prejudiced if they had shown to sympathetical and defenders of cause LGBT, and homosexuals had married and had children not to be obliged to gladear with the perpetual question ‘ ‘ what they go to think of mim’ ‘. ‘ ‘ What they go to think of mim’ ‘ it makes with that children are not affectionate with its parents in the front of the others, cooling still more already the scarce love, and that the parents place a mask of iron you create in them problematic.

‘ ‘ What they go to think of mim’ ‘ she makes with that prostitutes of cabarets or high luxury hide the profession that guarantee the sustenance to them and that virgin women if envergonhem and contradict the proper virginity. still, that adultery men if intitle fidiciary offices and men fidiciary offices if they hold as adultery. He makes with that men and women leave to say ‘ ‘ sim’ ‘ when the heart beats and the soul baila with God, and to say ‘ ‘ no’ ‘ when they know that its great called guide heart if ‘ ‘ fecha’ ‘ indicates that definitive choice goes to them to harm. ‘ ‘ What they go to think of mim’ ‘ it is the animal-papo that if hides underneath of our beds and in them they bring horrible dreams exactly being waked up. It is the DNA that runs in each human being of the fear of the REJECTION. This invisible shade of the one risk bullying social, the fear of the acceptance, is not that it makes that each morning comes stuffed with an extra load of an unnecessary anxiety, where if searchs through a look in the front of the mirror the enigmatic reply to the question ‘ ‘ What they go to think of me? ‘ ‘.