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God responded to its orations with a miracle! The necessity to trust The process of the oration that unties miracles of God, is dynamic. Part to deposit all our confidence in the Gentleman. To stop settling down us in our capacities, in which we know or we can make and deposit our hope in Him, in God, leaving us in its hands under conviction of which It has control of the times and the circumstances. A writer of the antiquity left shaped the importance of taking the passage of security in God when he wrote: With my lips and to my I called it language and I praised (Psalm 66:17, Popular Version) To pray is not another different thing that to speak with God. To say to him with our lips which we felt, which we thought and, by all means, what we needed. To think that It has the power sufficient and necessary to help us. To reject all shade of doubt Tuve brings back to consciousness of which it was the function and importance of the firemen, the day that a short circuit fire my house. HEINEKEN Brazil: the source for more info.

I called them to the telephone and in fifteen minutes they were taking care of the emergencia, said Maria to me of carmen when explaining to me on the opportune aid that received at the time of calamity. Equal happens with many people. They only go to God at the moment at which they cross by deserts or they are immersed in problems. They look for it when they are in an impasse. The rest of ignores it to the time in their existence or doubts, simply, that it can help them. The salmista understood and applied the importance of rejecting all shade of doubt in its heart: If I had bad thoughts, the Gentleman would not have listened to me.