If we add to this other factors previously described, we can explain the minimum percentage of effectiveness that has the means to us. The lack of time available, has even generated deviations bass in the spirit of conciliation, because this takes forms of a simple procedure that meet within the process, pending that charges even absolutely counterproductive forms with the spirit that animates the institution of conciliation. If there is no time, there will be less dedication to those who reconcile, practically it will be impossible to pursue interests underlying positions, it will be virtually impossible to stimulate the will and creative communication, it will then be very difficult to find a matched solution that will always be different than a solution based on the positions and the discretion of the judge. 3 Perspectives of court conciliation in the light of the foregoing, which are those that can avizorares for jurisdictional and which conciliation which can be extrapolated to the out-of-court. Do not make substantial changes in the norm, driving and the judicial conciliation procedures, the prospects of this institution, they will be decadent, the ambitious objective by which the conciliation in the contentious joined have failed. If the limitations that can be seen in the conciliation Court, affect extrajudicial conciliation, we would have not obtained the benefit of the experience and this institution tropezaria with the same stones, in such sense we let ourselves make the following conclusions and recommendations cross. The perspective then depend on the corrective actions taken to overcome the limitations that presented the development of these last years of institutional life of judicial conciliation. 4. Conclusions and recommendations should be encouraged and promote it assistance to the conciliation audiences: first creating conditions for the parties to obtain the advantages of reconciling, as the real counterpart of the disadvantages of litigating. This means to make viable the possibilities that people want to reconcile.