Promised Land

Therefore, in the uncertainties and perigos of the life, the fidiciary office appeals Jav, the Rochedo shelters that it. For this bias, rock passed to asimbolizar protection, shelter, life, house of God in the salmos. ' ' Jav is minharocha and ortaleza, frees who me is my God. In it shelter me, my eescudo rochedo, my saving force, my shelter, strong tower. You come let us exult emJav, let us acclaim the Rochedo that in the salute; let us enter with louvor in its presence, we go to acclaim it with msica' ' Sl 17/18,3; 94/95,1. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger insists that this is the case. The symbology of the rochedo of Mass/Meriba reached altosignificado in the incarnation of the Verb. The waters of the rochedo of Meriba symbolize osacrifcio of Jesus, whose side, of the high de a Cruz, water gushed out, sprouted new davida symbol of the baptism of blood of Jesus, ratified, by means of the faith, for the sacrament of the Baptism.

Therefore, desert and rocks also are presentesna life of Jesus and its disciples. After baptism in the Jordo, conduzido Jesus to the desert for God Mother to be attemped during forty days, comooutrora Israel in walked of Egypt for Cana Dt 8,2.4//Nm 14,340. SendoCana the paradigm of the Promised Land, the House of the Father, and the Exodus of quarentaanos, the emblem of the walked one of faith for the dosfilhos release of all slavery of God, forty if became symbol of the time of the provao, the caminhadade faith and left of being a numeral. The escape of Elias prophet lasted 40 days would dSamaria to the Horeb to escape of the fury of Jezebel and Acab, that it accused to deacoitar and to hear the false prophets of Baal. During the escape, the foiprovado prophet hardly and arrived to ask for the Jav for it to take off the life. But Jav, nos did not take off it the life, it preserved but it, assistu it in its necessities esocorreu other people atravsdele: he was fed by crows, for the widower deSarepta, to who saved of the hunger during dries that one abated on Israel, made over again its only son; in the escape it was helped by Jav, that gave forapara to it to come back, to sagrar Je king of Israel and Eliseu aeu successive in Samaria to eenfrentar king Acab and Jezabel, to pass to the sword the 450 false prophets deJezabel and Acab, had compelled that it to run away for the Horeb pra to escape of the death.