Even the seemingly insignificant things are fundamental in the formation and development. Mothers and fathers is desirable to give toddler as much as possible the positive direction in life. Toddler room – it was his own space, and this fortress must be treated thoroughly. Making the situation of child, mother and father are faced with delemoy selection of baby furniture. Today there are many manufacturers offering their own furniture.

For accurate selection of baby furniture you need to know about the major nuances. All children's furniture must meet safety requirements. This means the absence of any metal parts from the outside and sharp corners. On the shelves, the glass should be not beating. In addition, it is imperative that children's furniture was made from environmentally friendly materials. To this end, the retailer when purchasing children's furniture should ask corresponding certificates.

Choosing a children's table and chair, remember that your baby grows. On this will depend on posture and eyesight of the child. No need to buy a table and chairs for growth, today there are many models of children's furniture which is capable of transformed – is economical and convenient. There are chairs with curved back orthopedic, responsible for the correct posture and fatigue interferes with your back. Buying children's furniture for baby rooms or future student, need to remember that the open space in the children was enough. Children's furniture should not hamper the free movement of pupils, for a variety of occupations need lots of space. According to the testimony of children Psychologists adequate space for children to play in the future well influence the creative abilities. In the children should be cot, a small closet, a children's table, a chair, some shelves for books. Important and color of the nursery. Clearly, the dark shades do not like anyone. Too bright to be annoying kid nerves. Bright and contrasting colors will usually lead to sleep disturbances. Psychologists colors of neighboring yellow, pale green, blue. You can use small bright details. Children's room – the most important place for the baby, it's the foundation of his ideas about life, about the house. A good selection of baby furniture, proper distribution of furniture Children will make children's experiences as positive and joyful.