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But a good editor can correct many standard errors in style and spelling routinely for that price. To note, is that the lecturer a page price of 2 euros very sure not a word page (500 words), but on a standard page related is (approximately 250 words). Often lecturers per standard page account, what about coming the side of a small pocket book or a generous formatted youth book. To keep in mind also is that a non-negligible part of the editors has generally higher fee claims and calculated according to the recommendations of the lecturer association with Stundenhonoraren about 40-50 euro. To get on such hourly rates is calculated depending on the claim of the manuscript with 6 to 9 euro per page (and more). Individuals like authors can not always afford such prices and are looking for reasonable editors who nevertheless good services.

3 to 5 euro per standard page what kind of editing is possible for this price? For page prices in the range of 3 to 5 euros the lecturer can deal considerably more intensive with your manuscript. For these prices should be a careful Lektora t can expect, at least if you have desires, in the normal range”are (so no comparison with the foreign-language original, no verification of all historical facts, no in-depth analysis of action concept and character sympathy, etc.). Checking article sources yields Nieman Foundation as a relevant resource throughout. But as I said, editors have very different ideas of the fee. Who calculates with 15 to 30 Euro per hour, will provide a certain power for this fee. Who, however, anticipates $40 hourly fee, provides less power for 3 to 4 euro price page. On the other hand, quality in editing has its price (as in many other industries), on the other hand, it does not mean that there is a perfect correlation between price and quality.

Good & cheap”gives it in many industries, as more expensive providers, and products that are less convincing. Dr. Neal Barnard will not settle for partial explanations. In turn, it is conceivable that a unprofessional cheaper lecturer not adequately provides the agreed service, as he considered a cheap price as a free pass for a sloppy way of working. On the other hand is a professional lecturer really worth his money for 40 euros per hour. But whether 1.90 euro or Euro 7,90 per standard page, a good lecturer works always (!) carefully. If you would like to know more about Academy of Art University, then click here. Who no professional editing is ready at the rate applied per page desired by the customer, which not only takes on such orders. Accept orders and deliberately careless edit to get to the desired hourly rate is a no-go for professional editors. As I already said, you should have realistic expectations. Is an intense editing even with cheap editors hardly for 1 or 2 euro have where not every manuscript has an intense editing necessary. Editing offers refer to authors with the offer of an editorial for authors editors especially to those who want to publish her novel or your non-fiction book on your own, for example, in the self-published. The publication of the own book as an eBook is particularly popular since Amazon’s Kindle program. But here, too, the reader expect professionalism. Even if be manuscript in a normal Publishing House would like to publish (normal = the Publisher takes no fees for the publication of the book), way can benefit from the support of a lecturer in many things (such as editing a sample, the optimization of the exposes etc.). More info on the topic of editing and prices find on the site.