Red Cross

Intervention with students, which will be conducted in their homes, will begin at the time in which the family sought home care, which will provide a medical report in which home recovering from the student is justified by never less than 30 days. Completed this issue starts a process of assessment to determine the criteria to be followed when proceeding to the selection of students who must attend. This process will be done as quickly as possible, in order to minimize as much as possible in the time delay between the moment in which receives information from the application and the intervention. The criteria to evaluate are the following:-time of convalescence, from those who will be a year or more to those who will only be a month. -Level of education: first of 2 nd cycle of that and there will be handled until reaching kids. -Location of the family home: less than 30 kms or more. Pathology: chronic, acute +-family attitude: if it is or not favorable to the intervention.

Then set into operation the mechanisms aimed at carrying out this intervention: tell it to the family; put in relation to the Centre of origin; Open dossier; coordinated with teachers; advising families about the educational process that will be conducted with their children; etc. The novelty of the action which is carried out in the Principality of Asturias lies in people who care for the infant and primary education students and those that cater to students of secondary education. While in the first situation children are cared for by the Red Cross youth volunteers, prioritizing from higher cycles of primary education up to the infant, in the second case students are attended by teachers seconded to the hospital classrooms programme, with itinerant character, consisting of two professors from area of secondary education, moving up to the respective homes of studentsgiving priority to those who are of secondary education and, if circumstances permit, supporting students who complete secondary education or vocational training of medium grade and higher.