Retirement Worries

A private pension is the perfect complement to the statutory pensions nowadays the general pension no longer sufficient to maintain the accustomed standard of living in the age. This is due to the longer life expectancy. To close the gap, it should extend in time the statutory pension insurance with a private pension. Pension consists of three pillars in a statutory pension insurance contributions are paid they are not saved but, but they are paid out directly to current pensioners. The pensions are paid later followed by subsequent workers. The falling birth rate today thus has a negative impact on the pensions of tomorrow as second pillar is the company pension plan, in which the employer for the employee completes pension insurance, and to which it is entitled since 2002.

A part of the salary is used usually for the third pillar is the private pension scheme it is now becoming increasingly important, because the statutory pension offers currently not more than 70% of labour income. There are various options available which are all private pension insurance contributions, such as savings in a savings account and earn interest, but only from age specific paid. Supplements to the pensions are funded by the State. This is the so-called Riester pensions for all workers depositing into a statutory pension insurance. Tax benefits and allowances are granted here.

The so-called Rurup pension can be off deposits up to 12,500 euros from the tax; aimed primarily at independent. Large sums of money can be deposited on even as Sofortrente; She guaranteed a guaranteed life-long annuity. To provide more opportunities for the age are forming life insurance or real estate assets. Early enough retirement start no one remember their own age as new entrants like to, but it is quite advisable as soon as possible with the payments to begin. In this way, you can minimize the contributions and also later benefit from a higher pension. What retirement is the right one? Depending on whether you employed or freelance can you choose the right State funding on and then the party look, whose Bedingungen fit best to one’s own situation. Handy online calculators on their websites have helped, precisely in advance to plan the future pension. You can then right without obligation request offers.