Room Duty In The Autumn

Increased risk of falling through falling leaves clear snow In the winter and sprinkle with black ice is one clear thing for many. That the so-called space requirement includes but also leaves, few people know: land and adjacent paths must be liberated from crash-prone impurities throughout the year. It is no matter whether there is snow, ice, or just leaves. Is irrelevant, whether or not the foliage comes from the tree”, says Sven Broska, Deputy Managing Director of the accident insurance fund free Hanseatic City of Bremen. Injured a pedestrian at the slides on leaves, which may be very costly for the residents. Injured one person on the way to or from the workplace, the statutory accident insurance initially assumes the costs of treatment and rehabilitation. For Bremen and Bremerhaven, which is free Hanseatic City of Bremen the accident insurance fund.

But found that the accident could have been avoided clearly through the rooms, for example, foliage, can the so-called “Traffic safety subject in recourse be taken”, so Broska. Traffic duty for the walkways is first the city within built-up areas. For public sidewalks the city has transferred room duty to residents and owners of adjacent land.” This may impose on turn the space required the tenant. Broska: That exempt the homeowner but only from work. He is obliged to check whether the cleaning is indeed.” Owners are also encouraged to keep safely accessible private about, for example, for postman. How often the foliage must be removed, is not determined by the law.

It is important that the effort in reasonable proportion to the menace from the leaves stand so Broska next. In an accident, the Verkehrssicherungspflichtige liable only when foliage for a long time had not been removed. A traffic backup that excludes any risk of slipping, could not be guaranteed anyway. On the one “can the condition of the road and walk quickly changed after cleaning by wind and falling leaves, on the other hand, pedestrians on the slippery ground conditions is set in autumn”, so the accident expert. So the homeowner with the cold season of their traffic duty would have to comply. At the same time, pedestrians are now asked for increased caution. About the accident insurance fund free Hanseatic City of Bremen: The accident insurance fund free Hanseatic City of Bremen is bearer of statutory accident insurance relating to municipal and State of the State of Bremen. All schoolchildren, workers and employees as well as domestic helpers, help provider end, caregivers and volunteers are insured. The task of the Unfallkasse Bremen is primarily to prevent occupational accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards, restore health to a work accident or an occupational disease with all appropriate means as well as to compensate the insured persons or their survivors through cash benefits.