Rosinha Pizza

Rosinha: pizza only once in a while Student of the third year and with 8 years of Rosinha age since teeny if showed a pupil interested in learning. He liked more than when the professors placed the pupils to participate of the lessons of what when they only spoke, therefore participating Rosinha learned much more. As she was very curious, in these occasions used to advantage to ask everything what he came in its mind. Certain day the teacher of Sciences, Clarice Owner, decided that she would go to teach to the pupils the bases for a healthful feeding. Rosinha was soon asking: – And what it is healthful feeding, teacher? Clarice owner smiled before the haste of Rosinha in knowing and answered: – Calm, Rosinha.

I will explain tudinho, until as the healthful feeding will go to provide a healthful life to them. But necessary of the participation of vocs. The classroom all, that as well as Rosinha liked to participate, exclamou in one alone voice: – Oba! asked Clarice Owner to the pupils: – Vocs if remembers what they had had supper yesterday? Rosinha was the first one: – I ate pizza, teacher. Paulinho also answered: – My two mother bought some salty ones and I ate coxinhas. Isabela raised the hands and with the assent of the teacher it said: – My father made a barbecue back in house, teacher. I took cooling very.

It was a delight. Clarice owner asked: the dessert: – Rosinha was the only one that it answered: – Ours, the chocolate cake was a delight that my mother made. Clarice owner then said the pupils: – Therefore today all we go together to learn on the healthful feeding. The pupils had asked: as we will make this? Clarice owner said: – In the possible way most flavorful. We go to learn in feeding.