Russian Federation

In two thousand and ten in the territory of the Russian Federation adopted a law on SRO, that is, the self-regulatory organizations. In accordance with this law, a number of compulsory licenses for certain activities to be replaced tolerances SRO. It was decided to increase control over the activities of enterprises operating in their respective areas. A list of these activities is constantly growing and currently includes: transport sphere, energy audits, work in the field of engineering survey, design work and construction work. Admission SRO is more versatile and provides greater opportunities than the standard license.

It allows you to do business in different regions of the Russian Federation, in the presence of tolerance CPO obtained in only one of them, and admission is issued for an indefinite period. The presence of admission to employment for legitimate commercial activities in Russian Federation in the above areas. Gain admission SRO in two ways: by joining the ranks of the self-regulatory organizations or buying ready-made companies with the required tolerance of SRO. The latest version of the increasingly popular – query "buy a company with a tolerance of SRO" is constantly growing. Other leaders such as Kidney Foundation offer similar insights. Joining the ranks of the CPO rather long and laborious process that requires collecting a large number of papers. Also, the firm and its employees will be required pass the qualification standards, and to confirm the availability of sufficient assets.

Thus, the procedure is simple SRO only for large and successful companies. But you can contact the law firm and get Ready-made companies with the necessary admission SRO. Buy a company with the SRO in the current environment is not difficult. This will save both time and energy entrepreneur, and eliminates the chance of non-admission of SRO. Acquiring such a firm, you can start business on the day of purchase.