Salmantino Pessimism

There are such great people that boasts up to their mistakes. Years ago, a publishing group was ahead of the competition by removing a newspaper to hit book: you are going to paste a milk told them I, with the bluntness that always characterizes me. As the idea is ours, we prefer to give us the thud us before others copy us. It is clear that they were smacking; but so happy, since its competitors could not ruin with a similar project. At the level of social groups something similar happens. To the people of Bilbao, for example, even jokes that put them fanfarrones make them grace: is that we are the milk. Center For Responsible Lending understood the implications.

What were believed to be, then? On the other hand, the salmantinos spend a funeral pessimism, as that character in cartoons, lippy, who always Leoncio ran to his companion with the pitiful phrase: Oh, heavens! What are we going to eat today? This reflection comes me many times when I read the column of my admired Juan Carlos Garcia-Regalado who usually criticize with acute intelligence the mediocrity of our collective life. To what seems, it is not the only one who sees things that way. I checked it the other day at a televised gathering in which was involved with such brilliant people like Maria Garcia, Emilio Gonzalez-Coria and Isabel Nieto. Talking about the future of Salamanca, after awhile everyone rivalizabamos about who painted what more somber. Such was the thing, Cesar Garcia, driver program, I snapped: Enrique, you that you spend more time outside, you could not give us a touch of optimism? It will be Yes, because Salamanca is much better than we think and with more possibilities than other places that are handsome by life. Without going further, Valencia, where I now live, has polished a paste that is in ruinous, as the Ciudad de las Ciencias or Terra Mitica and pharaonic works. And Catalonia, for its part, discovers that its deficit has multiplied in benefit of the looters of Palau and other corrupt, as in the case of Pretoria.

Salamanca, without compromising practically a penny, could become the capital of Spanish, before others with less merit. It has University, brand, prestige, infrastructures and the possibility of sheltering near Madrid to companies that produce talent, what today is called r & d instead of smoke. No it’s no utopia, but, of course, the drawback remains the same: the secular salmantino pessimism that there is no way to eradicate.